sleepy tiger.

I was jarred from a power yawn by the car in front of me. Oh man, what a yawn, eyes shut, full view of my fillings. I was doing an impression of a sleepy tiger. But then the sleepy tiger let up the pressure on the brake pedal and attacked a Nissan (too bad it wasn't an Impala). My next impression was of the kid from Home Alone.

I waved sheepishly at the driver of the Nissan, who was of course looking right at me. He pulled into the office park. Rather than pull over immediately, he drove down the winding road to his office. I struggled to keep up and wondered why he didn't stop at one of the many convenient places along the way. Finally, I was able to pull up beside him as he examined his rear bumper. I jumped out and dived into apologies. He shrugged and said I hadn't done any damage. "No harm, no foul." I breathed a sigh or relief that if I was going to be an idiot this morning, at least I was going to be around reasonable people. His bumper had scratches on it, but I guess they were old familiar ones to him.

I got back in my car and started it up to continue on my way to work. I was thinking about how it's good that there are still decent people around. The man tapped on my window.

"Do you not work here?" he gestured at the nearest office building.


"Oh. Well, thanks for stopping."

"No problem."

Hey, maybe I'm a decent person, too.

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