really used cards.

I sent Josh's maternal grandparents a really nice card. Some of my cards are weird, some of them are old (and weird), but some of them are the kind of thing that a perfectly normal person would buy. This one was gold, with a beautiful picture of the shepherds keeping watch of their flock by night, along with the passage from Luke announcing the birth of Christ.

Gorgeous card, and I picked it out just for them from my stash, because I wanted to impress them.

Today, I received a card in return. The first thing I noticed was the envelope.

That made my day. I've been writing holiday greetings to mailmen for years now, but I think this is the first time I've ever had someone copy my example.

When I opened up the envelope, I noticed that the card looked really familiar. I realized that she had cut the front off the card I sent her last year, wrote a message on the back, and then sent it right back to me. Maybe she knew it was the very card I'd sent her, or maybe she cut all the fronts off last year with the intention of using them this year. Either way, it's pretty funny.

Which makes me think that she doesn't care whether I get my stationery at yard sales. It also makes me wonder if I'll see that pretty gold card again next year.

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Anonymous said...

snicker snicker

Oh my sides!

I guess I could cut off the front of the cockroach card holding flowers that you've sent me twice now and send one back to you.

But I'm kind of attached to him. He kind of feels like my special cockroach card, so I think I'll keep BOTH cockroach cards in my box forever.

Maybe it will make my grandchildren chuckle one day when they sort through that box and discover that Aunt Sandra sent me that card twice.