ah, youth.

Oh, I've been so slack. I promised you old photos months ago, and then never got around to posting the rest of them. To make up for it, I'm bringing you three today.

Again, I don't know what these are from, who these people are, or why these pictures were made. I just bought an old photo album at an estate sale and now these ladies are hanging out in my house. We can make up stories for them, or we can just appreciate them as snapshots of people in their primes. It's a celebration of beauty, sure, but it's also a celebration of innocence and of potential. Ah, youth.

Maybe these women are dead now. Maybe they died young, shortly after these pictures were taken. Maybe they died after long, fulfilling lives. Maybe they're still alive somewhere, showing pictures like these to their grandchildren. They look at these pictures and wonder whether they were ever really so young.

"Oh, Grandma, you were so beautiful!"
"Yes, dear, I was."

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