Last night, I was making Albondigas Soup, and it came time to add the meatballs to the pot. It was my first time making this recipe, and I was very careful to follow the instructions to the letter. The recipe said to add the meatballs one at a time, rather than just tilting the plate over and allowing them to slide into the hot brothy bath in a meatball avalanche. So I started doing that. One meatball at a time.

Josh thought this was hilarious, that I would bother to pick up each and every meatball and plop it into the pot. But he is the kind of guy that likes to play fast and loose with his albondigas.

"One at a time? What, did you name each one?"

"Don't make fun. That's what the recipe said to do."

"That one is Fred." I dropped a meatball in.

"Stop it."

"And that's Bob." Another one went in.

FINE. If that's the way he wants to play it, then I'm game. I started dropping them in faster, but still one at a time.

"Frank! Larry! Elliot! Steve! Jim! Matthew! Mark! Luke! John! Jesus! Diego! Angelo! Uh, uh, AAAAAHHHH!" He ran out of names while I still had two nameless meatballs on the plate.

"HA! I won! I won the meatball naming race!"

And that is the silly kind of house that I live in.

*Note: The soup was good, but a little too subtle. Needs some oomph.

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