I've forgotten how to write. So here are some things about sweaters.

  1. This is an angora rabbit.

  2. Josh loves sweaters. He has a wool one that is sometimes gray and sometimes green. It got a hole in the sleeve, and he darned it himself with gray yarn that didn't match at all. He was so proud that I caught him looking at his handiwork at least seven times in one weekend.

  3. Cashmere makes one think better of goats.

  4. Sweaters do not work on lizards. So if you ever see a lizard wearing a sweater, he is just fashion-conscious.

  5. Do not wear a soft sweater if you do not enjoy being snuggled.

  6. I have a scarf that is lambswool and angora. It is like wearing a lamb and a bunny, but not as heavy.

  7. There is something called the "curse of the love sweater," where sometimes a knitter will make a sweater for a loved one, only to be dumped shortly thereafter. Fifteen percent of active knitters report having experienced this curse directly. To avoid the curse, some knitters require their significant other to sign a "pre-knitual agreement" before making the sweater.

  8. Once I passed a giant building that said "Rabbits shaved daily!" I assume it was for wool, but maybe it was a rabbit grooming facility.

  9. One more time, an angora rabbit.

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