st. george's horse.

I bought a little picture at a yard sale this weekend. The yard sales season is slowly starting up. The birds and the bees and the flowers all got the message about spring coming early this year, but whoever schedules the yard sales was caught napping. But there were a couple of church sales last weekend, which I arrived at just as they were ready to really bargain.

There were several pieces of artwork, all nicely-framed and a couple of them fantastically large. One was a still-life (yawn), another something abstract, and one more was a picture of an Italian bridge. I'm sure I could have gotten each one for less than $10, but none of them were really speaking to me. There was one little one, though, that I liked. I hate to trot out the old saying about not knowing about art, but knowing what I like, but that's pretty much me all over. So I brought it home, because I liked the expression on the horse's face.
As it turns out, the painting is of St. George slaying the dragon. I sorta figured that, except that I'd always pictured the dragon to be, you know, bigger. This one looked to be more in danger of being trampled by the horse than anything else, but maybe that's the part of the story you never hear: how it was really St. George's horse all along. Anyway, the painting was done by Raphael, which made me feel better about liking it. Any artist who got to be a ninja turtle was probably pretty good.

We looked around for a place to put it. I've written at length before about how we basically just decorate by putting all the stuff we like into one room. Maybe we're idiots, but it seems to actually sorta work. Ordinarily, you'd never put a sarcophagus next to a sled, but we did, and somehow it seems to be fine. I guess we're just trendsetters.

We finally found a nice little spot above our paper mache figures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. It's a horse theme. Is it just me, or does this ridiculous mix of styles totally work?
Don't mind the Storm Trooper. At some point, he will be glued to the dashboard of Josh's band van. For now, he's just hanging out with the other horses.

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