a snack holiday.

Last night, Josh came home to a delicious snacky spread. There were cocktail meatballs and jalapeno poppers all ready, plus a bunch of pigs waiting to be tucked into blankets. After that first time that Josh blew into the house demanding meat product wrapped in bread product, I have not let the Super Bowl catch me by surprise again. I made a menu and a shopping list a week ahead of time. I was a little worried that the surprise might be ruined if he looked in the fridge and found the canned biscuit dough. Luckily for me (in this scenario), Josh is pretty much incapable of finding anything in a refrigerator.

This year, he didn't stop on the way home to pick up the pigs and their blankets, so maybe his yearly yearning for them depends on the year. But he thought it was sweet of me to remember. It really does not take much to make this man happy: Pigs in blankets once a year, space for his books and guitars, and some chocolate (okay, kind of a lot of chocolate). Thank goodness no woman figured out the formula before I did.

It's funny how Super Bowl Sunday has become this odd little holiday in our house. Since our only TV comes from Netflix, we don't even have the capability to watch the game at home. Also, Josh doesn't get home from work on Sundays until well after the last buzzer (do they use buzzers in football?). We just use the excuse to eat a bunch of food that is not very good for us. Then we watched an old episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force about the Super Bowl. In Josh's family, which is now my family, it's not a holiday without a themed cartoon.

There was one piece of bacon leftover in the pack after making poppers, so I wrapped it around some vienna sausages instead. We each took a bite of the meat-wrapped-meat and decided that it was too gross. We gave the other bites to the dogs. I think Super Bowl Sunday might now be their favorite holiday.

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