moved in, finally.

Our office move is finally complete. We were told to have our cubes packed up into boxes before leaving work on a Wednesday. Then we were to work from home Thursday and Friday while the movers took our cubes and our boxes from one office space to another. By Monday, we'd be back to work as usual, just in a slightly different place.

It did not go that way. The main holdup seemed to be getting the proper permits, and then there was something about the stalls for the bathroom being delivered late. We ended up working from home for two weeks. Except for the sales department, who had to all sit together at a big table in the conference room in the old office.

That sounds particularly miserable, even moreso when compared to my day, which involved working in my pajamas, pausing occasionally to look at the birdies in the backyard or walk the dog. I did go a little stir crazy from not leaving the house all week long. I've never been so excited to go get groceries.

On the Friday we finally got back to our new office, we spent the day redecorating our cubes. They are bigger than our old ones, but still cubes. I hung up my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and my posters from Josh's band.

During the afternoon, we cleaned out the old office. I thought we'd done that already. We'd received a lot of emails about how we were supposed to be doing that, but there still seemed to be an awful lot of stuff lying around. In fact, the shipping warehouse area basically looked exactly the same. A dumpster was pulled up to the backdoor, and we were instructed to chuck basically everything in.

Oh, I hate waste. We threw away so much perfectly useful stuff. Chairs, lamps, whiteboards, CD cases. All the extra computers and monitors we piled into a corner to be hauled away. The cardboard boxes were loaded up and taken to a different dumpster that someone insisted was cardboard recycling, but I never actually saw a sign that said this. I scavenged bits and pieces - a table, some gift bags, heat lamps, a big roll of plastic sheeting, a bit of chain. I do not have specific plans for all these things. Most of it is still sitting in my new cube, where that slight bit of extra space is already paying off.

It was a sweaty day. Aside from my poor frugal heart breaking at the sight of the rapidly-filling dumpster, it was kind of fun. The men were having fun being destructive. We left a lot of metal furniture to be taken away for scrap, and they took turns heaving the pieces at each other to bust them up. I suppose then we can justify throwing it away, as it is now broken. I myself enjoyed chucking sleeves full of CD cases as far into the dumpster as I could. My poor frugal heart just looked away.

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