or i'll know.

It was 10 AM, and I was taking my discreet black shoulder bag into the conference room when I realized that there were certain key pump parts sitting on the drying rack at home. Ugh. I knew this was going to happen at some point. I hopped in the car and drove home to get the parts, vowing to start keeping my spare set at the office.

As I came into the house, Josh was folding laundry. "I forgot my pump parts," I explained.

"Oh. I thought you were mad."

"Mad? You thought I came home from work to yell at you about something? That you had done something and I would know?" See, this is a joke at our house. Whenever we leave, we tell the dog "Be good. Or we'll know," with ominous emphasis on that last word. We imagine that from her perspective, we are magicians because we always know when she has not been good. But really, when the dog is bad, it's pretty obvious. Like, shreds of trash all around the trash can obvious.

We laughed at the thought of me knowing about what he did, ha ha, but then-

"Wait. What did you do?"

He looked sheepish. "I gave the baby a drop of grapefruit juice," he confessed.

"Did you take a picture?" I mean, the damage was done here, but hopefully he made it worth it by immortalizing her expression.

"Yes!" He got out his camera and showed me a Facebook post of our baby making the kind of face you might make if your world had just opened up to the existence of sour citrus. I giggled.

"Okay, that's cute, but don't do that anymore."

"She liked it!"

"Her face says otherwise."

"So that's mean?"

"No, it's not mean. I look forward to giving her sour things and laughing at her expression. She's just too little right now." I have fond memories of being at K&S Cafeteria, watching my brother squeeze lemon slices over a spoon and then giving it to his son. My nephew would make a face each time and then ask "More soup?". My brother had done it the first time as a joke to see the baby make a face, but now he was obliged to continue until all the lemon slices at the table had been exhausted. Kids can turn things around on you like that.

"Alright, fine."

"I have to go back to work. Be good. Or I'll know."


Anonymous said...

When Rita was about 3 weeks old, Louis held a small slice of canned peach in her mouth, to let her suck the juice. She sucked harder than he thought she would and swallowed it. She survived!

Anonymous said...

I, too, have vivid memories of Logan sucking down lemon juice at the K&S Cafeteria. Mine love lemons, too. And I'm glad to know what was up with the FB post. I thought surely she is not giving her grapefruit juice at this age!