after the beep.

3:14 pm
Hey, it's me. Um, listen, I'm going to be in town this evening. I've got an appointment, but afterwards, I was thinking we could, I dunno, hang out or something. I don't have to work tomorrow, so I could just drive back real late or maybe stay in town somewhere. Um, call me when you get this and let me know if you're not doing anything. If you are, that's cool, I know that this is short notice. I'll have my cell on. Okay. Bye.

5:21 pm
Hey, it's me again. I accidentally cut my phone off and I was just checking to see if you had called, but I guess not. Uh, I'm done with my appointment now and I'm kinda hungry. I might drive around and see if I can't find something to eat somewhere. I don't really know what's good here, but hopefully I'll find something. Uh, I dunno, give me a call whenever. Okay. Bye.

8:39 pm
Hey, it's me. It's like twenty minutes til nine right now and I'm still in town. I was thinking there might be a good show somewhere tonight around here, but I don't know where one would be. I'm sorry I keep leaving you all these messages, I'm just like wandering around here with no idea where I'm going or anything. Give me a call. Okay. Bye.

10:02 pm
Hey, it's me. Listen, I guess you had something to do tonight or whatever. I dunno, maybe you're at work or something. I tried to find that place you told me you were working at, but I think I went to the wrong place. I asked for you and they said nobody by that named worked there. So I must've gotten the name wrong or something, or it could have been a chain and I went to the wrong one. Oh well. Um, I guess I'm just going to go on home now. It's getting kinda late and it'll be really late by the time I get back home. I'm sorry about all these messages. I just thought-

10:04 pm
Hey, it's me. Sorry, the voice mail cut me off. Anyway, I'm sorry this didn't work out, ya know. I guess I should have called and told you before today that I was going to be in town, but I didn't even really think about it until this afternoon. But anyway, I hope you're having fun at whatever it is that you're doing, and I'll just see you next time I'm around or whatever. Call me back if you want, or you don't have to since it's getting kinda late. Okay. Well, bye.

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