that stupid girl who never wrote me back.

Thing 1: Seth got a job!
My friend, Seth from the illustrious computer science program at Appalachian State University, is graduating this May, and has landed a job. Normally, I would not share this news for you, for though I would be excited for him anyway, my selfless excitement would not be enough for a Thing. No, I'm having some selfish excitement, too. When I found out I was moving here, I pretty much tried to talk all of my friends into moving here, too. Apparently, Seth listened. He got a job in Winston, so now I will have a(nother) friend. Better yet, I will likely be the only person he knows here, so he will have to put up with me if he wants any friends.

Thing 2: I googled for about four hours today.
Surfing the net at work is fun. Surfing for work-related stuff at work is not so much fun. I was doing the latter. I was trying to figure out how to do something with a piece of software I've never used before. After four hours, I asked someone for help. He gave up half an hour later with the advice that if we couldn't find some way to do it on the web, it couldn't be done. I like this advice, and I took it as permission to give up and have a cup of tea. I only wished I could've had a Long Island Iced Tea, but as that sort of thing is very discouraged at work, I settled for some Earl Grey.

Thing 3: I mailed a card to Yuliya.
Yuliya is a girl I used to work with at Vintner's. She's originally from Belarus, but now she's settled down in the eastern part of NC with her husband. I hadn't spoken to her since she moved, but we always got along very well. Of all the people I worked with at Vintner's, she's one of the ones I miss the most. Anyway, I happened to look her up on the internet and found her mailing address. I'm bad to let friendships fizzle, and I've decided recently that I've known too many wonderful people to lose them out of neglect. She may or may not ever respond, and that's fine really. I feel better knowing that I gave it a shot. That way, she won't become "that sweet girl that I lost touch with," but "that stupid girl who never wrote me back."

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