neutral, but not afraid.

Today, our topic is pitbull propaganda. If you go looking on the internet, you'll find lots of conflicting information about pitbulls. Basically, some people love them and some people hate them. The former show pictures of happy dogs, with quotes like "Punish the deed, not the breed!" The latter put up gruesome pictures of people who have been attacked. Me, I'm just gonna skim over all of that, because y'all know where I stand: next to my dog.

But! Way back in the day, back before people associated an entire breed of smiling, wiggle-butted dogs with the ripped-open faces of children, pitbulls were actually a national symbol. In fact, there were posters made to boost the American spirit in a time of war, specifically the first World War. This was before we actually got into the war, when we were just sitting back and letting Europe do its thing.

Basically, these posters want to show that while America is not involved in this little European matter, if push came to shove, we'd push and shove better and harder than anyone else. And we'd do it with PITBULLS!

We're thinking of dressing Remix like this for the Fourth of July.

Do you need a safe place to put your kittens? Wrap them up in an American flag and then hand the whole bunch over to a patriotic pitbull!

I love this last one: Neutral, but not afraid. After living with a pitbull for a month now, I think it's appropriate. She's a powerful and muscular animal, pretty in the noble and strong way that a horse is pretty rather than in the fluffy way that many dogs are. She's got a huge jaw - all muscles and teeth. You can see why this kind of dog would make a great symbol of strength in a time of global turmoil. When we are playing tug-of-war, and she just won't give up, I can see why someone might be afraid of a dog like that.

But then she rolls over for me to scratch her tummy, and I just don't feel that threatened.

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Jessica Baxter said...

Love this!! Thank you.