We were on our way to church this morning, a new-to-us church that is across the street from the Food Lion and next to the Korean Baptist Church. As we approached, a dark-haired man crossed the street in front of us, coming from the Food Lion and on his way to Sunday worship.

"Maybe he's an Episcopalian," Josh said, on the lookout for people we might soon meet.

"I don't think so. I think he's going to the Baptist church," I answered. "I just racially profiled him," I admitted.

We turned into the drive that is shared by the two neighboring churches. As we continued, we came upon a pair of guys in plastic vests, directing traffic with orange wands. They waved the car ahead of us to the right, into the Baptist church overflow parking. As we got closer, the waved us to the left.

"I think we just got racially profiled," I said.

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