We recently did some stuff reshuffling to make room for a new piece of furniture. Somehow, this game. came up to the surface out of some closet. I vaguely remember buying it - Josh picked it up with the intent of giving it to his brother. We were at a church yard sale that was closing down and eliminating stock by having customers fill paper bags for a dollar.
As much as I love the stuff-a-bag time, I tend to end up with all kinds of weird crap (more than usual). It's not hard to go a bit crazy. Really, the first thing that you put in a box costs the dollar, and then everything else is free. So once you have committed to buying the bag, anything else you see that even remotely appeals to you ends up yours. At least, that's the way it is with me, but maybe y'all have more self-control in shopping spree situations.

Anyway, we've had this for a while without ever having even opened the box. I was feeling in a purge-y mood, and I thought this was an easy toss. To give it a fair shake, I set it up. It's flimsy and brittle little thing, and the fact that it's in such good condition indicates that the previous owners didn't get much use out of it either.

Of course, once I got it all put together, we remembered why we liked it in the first place. Ever seen an old episode of Star Trek where Spock is playing 3D chess?
This is like that. Except rather than chess, it's like Tic Tac Toe or Connect Four. Vulcan Connect Four!

We've left it set up on the mantle in the living room. That way, we can have ongoing Qubic games. Maybe we can invite company over and have tournaments!

That will probably never happen, but at least it looks cool.

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