election chili.

For election night, I made the Obama Family Chili Recipe.

We'd both been feeling cautiously optimistic lately. And then, the previous weekend, we'd been out of town and busy with friends, which meant away from all of it. We were way up in the mountains, in a national park, and that meant no ads, no signs, no talking heads. It was awesome. There was some political talk, but luckily we were all in agreement, and so it stayed light. There was a twenty-year-old who argued passionately for Romney, then said he wasn't going to vote anyway because he didn't really care. He reminded me of myself in 2004 - understanding that it wasn't cool to like Bush, but not liking Kerry for some vague reason that probably had a lot to do with my upbringing. I suppose I could've resolved this internal battle by, you know, informing myself, but I didn't. I voted Libertarian. I think the candidate was Mark something (I looked it up, it was Michael Badnarik).

I made the chili, and we ate it while watching X-Files, the laptop on the coffee table showing the auto-refreshing red and blue map. I celebrated when they called Ohio, though Josh was skeptical that "they" were going to switch it in the night. Trevor was happy, too, even though he says he doesn't care because it's all rigged anyway. I live with paranoid people.

The chili was good, but not what I would've called chili. It was more like a spicy beef stew. A really spicy beef stew, because I bought chili powder at the Indian food store and that stuff is potent. The chili is served over rice, which is also un-chili-like. I'm not sure if this chili is from Chicago, Hawaii, Kenya, Indonesia, Kansas, or some mix. Ain't that America. I'll probably make it again, though I'll feel free to make some changes so as to add some North Carolina to it. Also, I won't call it chili, because that's confusing. In any case, it was good hot comfort food on a cold election night, watching the returns come in.

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