fingerprint rings.

I ordered our wedding rings this week. More specifically, I ordered fingerprint rings. What are fingerprint rings? I'll tell you.

Some nice people in Maine send you a kit, where you can make an impression of your finger and the finger of your beloved. Then you mail the kit back and they put each fingerprint on the inside of the other person's ring. So when I wear my ring, I will be wearing the impression of Josh's finger snuggled around my finger. It's like we're holding fingers. Awwwwwww.

I love everything about these rings. I love that they are custom-made by a husband and wife metalworks shop. I love that it mimics physical touch, which is an important avenue of affection in our relationship. I love that I don't have to spend forever trying to come up with an inscription that won't seem goofy in fifty years. Of course, anything we picked would immediately become Significant, but that wouldn't keep me from agonizing over it now.

Mostly, I love how the fingerprint works on a much more basic level than anything else we could inscribe. It's him, and it's me. We don't have to try and pick out words that symbolize our relationship. We already picked out each other, and that's really the only choice in all this wedding stuff that matters.

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That isso neat!