short list.

Thing 1: Heat.
We finally have heat. It's funny what you get used to, such as wearing three pairs of pajama pants and wool socks all the time. We all came home and marveled at what a perfectly comfortable temperature it was. Today, I walked around barefoot all day, which reminded me that I really need to sweep. You know, my wool socks would have just picked all that stuff up for me. Oh well.

Thing 2: Battery.
Yard sale season is on! I found ads for several large church sales on CraigsList for this weekend. Yesterday morning, I was all ready to go with my coffee and my cash, and then the car would not start. Just so you know, this was the day after I got the heat pump replaced, and so I was not in any kind of mood for large expensive repairs. Other things I was not in the mood for include talking to mechanics and deciding how many expensive repairs were necessary. I was all full up of being an adult for now, thank you very much, Universe.

It was just the battery, which is (comparatively) cheap, but it was fixed in half an hour. By then, the yard sales were over. I told myself that those yard sales only had Danielle Steele novels and stirrup pants anyway.

Thing 3: HLTAE.
Ham leftovers continue, because a day we don't eat ham is a wasted opportunity. Aside from the ham fried rice, we had ham and pineapple pizza, a ham and cheese stromboli, and a Quiche Lorraine with ham. This afternoon, we made ham sandwiches based on something I had the morning of the wedding: a BLT with avocado and a fried egg. Of course, ours was an HLT, or I guess an HLTAE. Or whatever. Whatever you call it, it was delicious. If you still have ham and you can get ahold of an avocado, I recommend it.

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