box set.

Our favorite television show of all time is Mystery Science Theater 3000. If you're not familiar with it, it's a show where a guy trapped in space is forced to watch really terrible movies. To maintain his sanity in the face of cinematic incompetance, he builds some robots to heckle the movies with him. I suppose if you weren't already familiar with the premise, that explanation may not have helped. You really just ought to watch it sometime.

Anyway, recently they've been releasing DVDs of the show in fancy box sets. As a bonus freebie, included is a little movie poster of each terrible movie featured in the set. They are neat posters, done in the style of old cheesy movie posters, which works great with a TV show featuring old cheesy movies. We have several of these box sets, which means we have a whole lot of these posters and nothing to do with them. Then we noticed that we also had a nice big frame that we had nothing to do with. It's not hoarding if you use it, even if it takes a few years.

Add in a piece of felt, and we were in business.
I feel like I need to admit that I had to buy the felt. We tried it first with a couple of other fabrics, but none of them looked right (Josh was taken with the satin, but I thought it was too shiny). I bought a big piece of black posterboard, but it was not black enough. So finally I bought some felt. I already had some felt, of course I did!, but not a big enough piece for our purposes. Since I did not think ahead enough to measure the frame, I bought more than I needed, so now we have a leftover big piece of black felt, plus a sheet of black posterboard.

Removed from stash: 9 posters, 1 frame.
Added to stash: 1 large piece of felt, 1 black posterboard.

I guess we'll call that even.

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