yard sales, nov. 21.

Picture 004Let’s just add neurostimulator the list of things you can get at a yard sale.  I did not buy this, not even for a measly $10.  I can lick electrical outlets for free.

Picture 031So what did I buy?  Well, for starters, this set of Pyrex/Corningware canisters.  They were $1 for the set.  I initially passed them by, because I really don’t need any canisters.  But I like both Pyrex and Corningware.  There are a lot of thrifters out there who collect Pyrex stuff, as I found out from reading thrift-based blogs.  When I read those blogs, I ooh and aah a little bit, but I’ve determined Picture 020that I do not want to get into collecting bakeware.  I don’t want to have to buy a hutch just to hold all my Pyrex.  I’d much rather buy a dresser to hold my greeting cards.

That being said, I also saw this Pyrex bowl set.  I liked the colors, but not the price of fifty smackaroos.  That’s why the picture was taken from the sale, not from my house.

I was unable to pass up this WWII board game for a quarter.  A former coworker of mine used to bPicture 039e a serious games collector.  He got rental insurance for his apartment just for the sake of insuring his games, which he estimated to be worth about $4000.  I’m not even kidding.  One day, I said something about my Saturday morning habit, and he asked if I ever saw board games at yard sales.  There are board game forums online where people report what kind of secondhand games they find, and he was always skeptical that anyone ever really found anything.  In an effort to educate the world about yard sale possibilities, I offered to look up some good sales in his area to send him to.  I found three massive church sales near each other, sent him the addresses and bid him happy hunting.  He came in Monday morning to report that he had found half a dozen rare games for a couple bucks apiece.  He seemed to think it was beginner’s luck.  Some people just don’t want to become believers.

Anyway, in this game, you try to either prevent or cause World War II, depending on which country you are playing.  It appears to be in great shape.  Beneath the giant word “ORIGINS” is the phrase “Avalon Hills’ trademark name for its 1935-39 international diplomacy game.”  Kids, don’t let your lawyer design your game box.Picture 003

I paid a whopping $8 for this.  I’ve wanted a Dutch oven for a while, no thanks to the Pioneer Woman, who periodically gives away one of those shiny Le Creuset ones.  But those suckers are very cha-ching.  Even the off-brand one that  my mom bought at Wal-Mart was $40.  This one was made by Cousances, which is an old French brand that used to be one of Le Creuset’s rivals, before they bought them out.  The Cousances are very well-rated and this one is in good shape.  So I’m happy about the purchase.  Now I just need to decide what to make in it.  For more info about Cousances, you can read this article.  I can think of four of my readers who will click that link.

Picture 033 Here’s a hodgepodge of kitchen stuff I got.  Guess what?  I bought yard sale spices, and I’m going to use them.  I was going to pass those by, but then I noticed the jar of saffron.  Saffron is crazy expensive and even a bit hard to find, at least at the places I shop (meaning grocery stores, not yard sales).  Also, I’m good on toothpicks for a while.  If you folks want to come over, I’ll cook you something with saffron in my Dutch oven, and afterwards we’ll all sit around and pick our teeth.  There’s also an oven mitt and some tiny loaf pans.  I find that I can always use an extra oven mitt, due to my habit of setting them on fire with the stove.

Now that I’ve taken the plunge of buying used food items, it seems likely that I will probably do it again. 



Can you tell what this is?

Picture 035Picture 037

It’s a honey drizzler!  When you pick it up and press on the lever up top, the bottom becomes unstoppered and your honey will drip out (provided you have put honey inside).  I’ve never seen anything like this, but it was well worth the $2 I paid.  I told the lady that my dad kept bees, and she was really excited for me to get this.  If I had told her my boyfriend was a musician, do you think she would have given me a discount on the $3600 grand piano they were selling?  I haven’t been able to find anything like this in a few moments of Googling, but I may not be using the right search terms.  Josh calls it my Faberge honey jar, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the right term at all.

I also bought one other thing, but I can’t tell you what it is until Christmas, when Josh opens it.  By then, you’ll have forgotten all about it anyway.

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MOM said...

I guess you knew I would be one who clicked on the link about the dutch oven you found. And as an added bonus, I have on my favorites now a site that rates stuff I might buy.
You really found a bargain.