cork crafts.

"They're making these bulletin boards now with wine corks."

"I have one of those. Haven't finished it, because I'm lazy."

"Oh, you've had other things on your plate, that's all."

"I've had it for years."


It will be sad when the wedding is over, because then I can't blame my general laziness on the fact that I'm just so swamped with planning it. Then again, it will be great when the wedding is over, because that means that there are no longer wedding-related tasks that I am not doing, due to my general laziness.

Yeah, I do have one of those cork bulletin board things. It's very nice, actually. One half is a dry-erase board, and the other is an empty frame, where an industrious young lady can glue corks from wine bottles to create a lovely, yet utilitarian piece of decor. I'm sure that was just what my mother was thinking when she bought it for me seven years ago.

But after having had the above conversation over the weekend, I decided it was time. After all, I have approximately three million corks, collected from Josh's restaurant, yard sales, and people who heard that I had a cork craft in the works. I pulled out my partially completed cork board (after checking a few places, since I'd forgotten where I'd stashed it), the special glue (which had dried up, but luckily, I had some other glue on hand), and a giant box of corks. And I did it! I finished the cork board. It took like twenty minutes. I have 2,999,984 corks left. I'm going to make an easy chair next.

And then I drew a nice llama for my mama. Now I just need to get a picture framing kit and rig the board up to be hung on the wall. That should take, oh, two years tops.

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At last!!