things from last night.

Thing 1: Drive carefully!
The forecast was calling for snow, but that didn't keep me from stopping at a couple of thrift stores on my way home. Buying secondhand often means making regular stops to browse through sections of the store where you might find treasures. In my case, about once a week.

From my purse came the sound of a goat - my phone was ringing. I didn't recognize the number, but I answered anyway.


"Told me to tell you to drive carefully because it's snowing."

"Okay...who is this?"


Nice guy.

Thing 2: Handmade
I found this cup at the thrift store and wanted it, because it is so lovely. But it was $2.99, which is on the high end for a cup that I'm going to take home and put my toothbrushes in, where watery toothpaste will drip down and accumulate in a fine crust at the bottom. Along with the price, it was marked "J" on the bottom, which meant I could wait until they started marking things "F" and it would be half off. But I decided to use my magical pocket internet device to see if I could find out anything about it. I was prepared to discover that it came from Pier 1, at which point I wouldn't want it anymore (I know that's not logical, but I have been spoiled by the secondhand lifestyle into wanting unique items). The only distinguishing mark I could find was the word "LEAP" stamped on the bottom. I googled "leap ceramic bicycle cup," which was surprisingly fruitful. A lot of times I know I could find out more about something, if only I knew the right search terms.

In any case, I found out that it was handmade by a real, live ceramics artist. I bought it immediately. Also a 100% wool sweater.

Thing 3: Snow!
I try not to get too hopeful about snow forecasts, due to a tragic childhood full of no snow. But it snowed. I stook outside in it, wearing my new wool sweater and having a glass of wine, watching the dogs go nuts.


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