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Things We Talked About with Gail Over the Fence in the Dark While We Were Definitely Tipsy and Maybe Gail Was, Too
December 31, 2012
11 PM

  • Her daughter going to Australia
  • Australia's immigration policies
  • The need for tighter immigration control here to prevent people from coming over and taking advantage of free health care
  • Gail's plans to visit her daughter
  • Gail's hope to meet a matey
  • The high demand for nurses in Australia
  • My wedding dress
  • Gail's first wedding dress
  • Our honeymoon plans
  • The ability of two of Gail's dogs to get into our yard, one going over and one coming under
  • What a great time Remix was having chasing Brownie around our yard
  • Whether or not Gail should even finish building the privacy fence she started building over a year ago, since the dogs have such a great time in our yard and we didn't seem to mind
  • How long Gail's dogs have been coming over, which was new information to me
  • The New Year's Eve party downtown, which costs $12
  • How nice is it is to not live downtown
  • The gray fox we saw in the neighborhood a couple weeks ago
  • How much the gray fox would like to eat Gail's chickens
  • How Gail has good odd-numbered years and bad even-numbered ones
  • How we all had a good feeling about 2013

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